The Legends and Their Paintings

Every legends of art, eventually for painting, have their own characteristic, so does with the legend of artist of painting in America. Their paintings that have its own characteristic make it different with the other painting by another artist. This characteristic also gives the sign for the people to notice the painting and whose masterpiece it is. For example, Van Gogh, people will always can notice his painting from the sad feeling they feel when they are looking at his painting.

For Winslow Homer, his characteristic for his painting is war. He usually draws about war. His masterpiece such as Prisoners from The Front and Veteran in a New Field are the example of the painting of Winslow that has war background. This unique characteristic make him recorded as one of the best painter in America. Besides, his paintings change the vision of America about the war.

The idea taken from the environment, draw the things she usually see around her studio is the characteristic painting of Georgia O’Keeffe. Based on, she always draws about the animal bones, flowers, and landscape. The flower seems erotic for several persons because it explains about the woman very clearly. The studio where she gets the inspiration located in New Mexico, New Yorks, and Lake George. She always improves her painting although she never paints the other object besides animal bones, flowers, and landscape. Some of her paintings are abstract but she doesn’t lose her characteristic.

Paris has been affected Edward Hopper in all of his painting after he take the trips to Europe in 1990. In his trips, he knows much about the architecture, the art culture and many other that he can get from Paris. This helps him so much in deciding the characteristic of his painting. The paintings from the other artist from Paris also give him inspiration to improve.