Scientology – A Brief Introduction

Scientology is the pathway to liberation, so the believers say. It is the path to freedom from attachment to everything that is of this world to get to a higher, more meaningful existence.

Scientology Defined
In its most basic sense, Scientology is the ‘knowing of how to know’. It comes from two words ‘scio’, a Latin word which means knowing in the fullest sense, and ‘logos’ a Greek word which means ‘study of’. It adheres to a ‘fundamental truth’, that is, as a spiritual being, man is capable of reaching new states of awareness which is beyond what he normally experiences. In short, Scientology believes in the capability of man as a spiritual being able to transcend this world and reach spiritual freedom.

In arriving at the truths central to mankind’s existence, Scientology uses different methodologies and beliefs common to most of the enduring religions of the world. It supports the belief that man is more than flesh and blood, he is a spiritual being that is part of a Higher Being, and that man is essentially good.

Integrating the Then and Now
Scientology is a religion which was established during the 20th century. Although it is a relatively young religion, its believers believe that it takes from the deepest aspirations and beliefs of ancient religions, thus it is rooted in the heritage of the oldest religions in the world.

Scientologists consider their religion as a way to take advantage of the wisdom of ancient religions and the convenience of modern technologies. It incorporates the knowledge extracted from civilizations and human communities that existed since 50, 000 years ago and integrate this to new technologies that can spur mankind to happiness, fulfillment and higher spiritual experience. It also blends Eastern and Western philosophies and thoughts to create a more comprehensive view of man as a being.

Solving The Problems In Imbalances
Scientology upholds the belief that while man has been successful at improving his technologies and arsenal of knowledge of everything under the sun, he is failing tremendously at knowing himself. As the Greeks once said, ‘Know thy self!’ This then causes an imbalance which is continuously reflected in the unsettling conditions of mankind at the present and in the future. When Scientology was formulated in the 1950s, it was believed that it harbors a change that can restore balance.

Scientology draws on the ancient struggle of mankind to know himself and by extension, his world. Through the methods suggested by this religion, it is believed that anyone can go back to his roots to answer the questions that have been gnawing at his soul.

For Scientologists, regardless of how frantic or overwhelming this materialistic world can be, man still possesses abilities that are inherent in his understanding of himself and world that he lives in. In many ways, Scientology leads the path to liberating a person by first allowing him to confront a question that is as old as humanity itself – who am I? While forcing individuals to answer this question, the religion of Scientology supplies the methodologies for arriving at answers.