Great Artists from America

There is no doubt that every room needs a touch of art. Hanging painting on your house wall is necessary since it can the accessories for your house. If you hang painting on the wall, you do not need to worry about the interior design of the room since the center attention of the room will be the painting. When it comes to painting, you will find that there are so many great artists who paint great paintings. Some of those artists are known as American artists. Each of the artists has his own style in painting. Here are three legends in painting that you should know.

Claude Monet is known to be a great artist in America during his time. He is known to be very great in modernism painting. He is also known to develop his own unique style in painting which is later followed by many other great artists. By following the style of Barbizon painters, he draws many great paintings which are highly priced. Another great American artist is Gustav Klimt. Even though he is known as American artist, he is actually an Austrian man. He faces many style of painting during his life. Later, he is known for his exotic and erotic style in nature. That is why this man is considerably controversial during that time.

The last American artist that you should know is Jackson Pollock. This great artist has already known to be American since he was born. Different from other artists, his style is drip and splash. He drips the brush to the paint and splashes it to the canvas. Even though it seems to be unique, his paintings are highly priced when it is sold. There are so many works which are made by those men and you should be able to treasure it.