Avoid Diploma Mills on the Way to the Online College Degree

Someday working people realize they should go back to school to get better career chances. That means not only better wages but also more options available for switching jobs or gaining promotions. Online college degrees can save you time and money, and allow many people to get a degree who would have been unable to if they had to depend on traditional college environments. In order not to waste your time and money on an online college degrees , you should make sure you are not attending a diploma mill.

Purchasing a Degree

Diploma mills literally sell you a degree. That’s so simple: pay for a degree and get one without having to take classes or do homework. By some institutions you can even pay for transcripts or graduation certificates. Sounds great, but the degree you will obtain won’t be accepted for a job, and will not be accepted if your profession requires any type of licensure or accreditation. They are an expensive waste of time.

What do they say to the students?

Quite often you can hear that they are giving degrees based on your life experience, or based on academic standards that are well below that of legitimate universities. Even if you get a degree it will not help you when nobody will accept it. There are many legitimate online college degrees that are quicker and cheaper than brick and mortar schools.

Diploma Mill is useless when not illegal

Least, but not last, for many people, purchasing a degree from a diploma mill is a morally wrong decision. When people invest lots of time and efforts in earning their degrees, using a diploma mill is a way to try (although typically unsuccessfully) cheat the system. Even if your work experience alone would have qualified you for a job, many employers will turn you down due to a diploma mill degree. In many states, it is illegal to attempt to apply for a job using a diploma mill degree.

Use our recommendations to choose a reputable online college:

  • 1. Get information from accreditation websites. The online university should be accredited by a legitimate accreditation agency. And this will be listed on the university website, as well as the accreditation agency website
  • 2. Do a search for your school and read reviews and complaints
  • 3. Check whether the syllabi compare them to syllabi at other schools
  • 4. Make sure the degree requirements match what is typically expected for other similar programs

Should you be attentive and consistent in your search, you can be sure to find online college degrees that are reputable, legitimate, and will help you get farther in your career.