5 Tips for Better PowerPoint Presentations

unduhan (2)Are you giving your first presentation soon? Or maybe you’re an old hand at meetings and conferences, but you’re looking for a way to spice up your slides and increase audience engagement to get your point across. Whatever your reasons for seeking PowerPoint presentation tips, here are just five to get you started.

1. Maintain the Contrast

There’s a reason why black text on a white background is the industry standard: It may be cliche, but it’s also the easiest to read and absorb. If you absolutely have to fiddle with your slide colors, at least make sure you maintain a nice contrast between your words and backgrounds. Don’t put pink text on a red slide or vice versa.

2. Make It Bigger

Your font size may look fine to you while you’re two feet in front of your computer, but would you still be able to read everything if you were at the back of a long conference hall? Whatever size you think is large enough, increase it by at least one level.

3. Tell a Story

A great PowerPoint presentation has three parts.

– The beginning is where you introduce questions, concepts and ideas.
– The middle is where you explain problems or offer detailed information on the subject.
– The end is where you propose solutions or summarize your findings.

Follow this format and your PowerPoint presentation will be a hit every time.

4. Keep It Uniform

There’s nothing more distracting than a presentation that keeps changing its margins or text sizes. No matter what layout or format you decide to use on your slides, make sure it’s the exact same from one slide to the next. You want your audience focused on the content, not the irregularities of the design.

5. Break It Up

Try to avoid “walls of text” when creating your slides. Remember, your audience will be listening to you talk in addition to reading the information on your slides, and you don’t want them to be so absorbed in the latter that they miss the former. Use plenty of bullet points and subheadings to keep your information nice and separated, and don’t pack too much of it on one slide.

Whether you’re presenting to a classroom or a boardroom, these are just a few tips to help you perfect your PowerPoint slide designs. Good luck!