Using Story as a Teaching Aid

It isn’t so much that simple to recount a story well and particularly not when its a long one. It needs a certain capacity to keep youngsters captivated while they are listening to words with no different props to hold their consideration. Displaying a story well is a capacity that numerous instructors have, however may […]

Online College: perfect choice for modern people

A couple of years ago many people used to think that the degrees earned in an online college are easy to get, nonsense, or not accepted by other schools/employers. In the beginning, online colleges got a bad reputation due to the multitude of diploma mills found online. Luckily the situation has changed and if you go to an accredited, reputable, and legitimate online college, your academic experience will likely be identical to those attending brick and mortar schools. Here are some advantages for you to consider when it comes to online college degrees.

Online classes are optimal for busy people

What’s really great about attending online colleges is convenience. It’s possible to listen to your lectures, do your assignments, and take your tests on your own schedule. With almost all degree plans, you can take many classes at once or just stick with one. That means, you can continue having a full time job, raising a family, or doing any of the other obligations that make traditional school difficult for many. You can even go on vacations and just do your work from your hotel room!

Different possibilities

Nowadays you can choose from a wide variety of classes, majors, and degree types that you can obtain online. Many people get associates or bachelor degrees from a traditional school, and then get tired of school and wish to begin their career. Still when they start their career they realize that a master or doctorate degree would have been useful, but do not wish to quit their jobs. And it is great that you can get associates, bachelors, master, and doctorate degrees online for a number of different majors!

Avoid the problems with not accredited schools

No matter whether you choose online or traditional school accreditation is a very important factor. Should it go for a not accredited school or program, you could have problems transferring, going on to the next degree level, finding a job, or obtaining a professional license. You will want to look for programs that are accredited, and fortunately many online colleges are. This way you will be sure that your program will be held to the same standards and measures as brick and mortar schools with the same accreditation.

New contacts

If you are only looking for a job now, networking is a very useful tool. Many companies will encourage their employees to take online classes in order to improve their skills. In fact, your classmates online could be great contacts for jobs. You could have 20-30, or even hundreds of people in your class that could help you find a job.

Save your time

The attendees of online classes are usually busy with a number of outside obligations. Fortunately, online classes are oftentimes shorter than traditional classes, and the degree program itself can usually be accelerated.

Here you have an overlook of various benefits to online colleges. All you have to do to take advantage of these benefits is apply, get accepted, and begin working on your degree!

It’s Never too Late with Online Colleges

No matter how long it’s been since you graduated high school, it’s never too late to go back and get your degree. Whether you’ve been out of school a few years or a few decades, you can still attain the education you missed out on when you were younger.

More Adult Students

While it used to be odd to see an adult on a college campus carrying a load of books, that sight is very common today. In fact, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of adults over the age of 25 who went back to school increased by 42 percent. This is a higher rate than for those under 25 years, which increased only 34 percent.

Not everyone enrolling is in their 20s and 30s either. Many of them are in their 40s and on up into their 60s. You might even find a few students who are older than that, and are perhaps in their retirement and want to do something they missed out on when they were young.

You’ll find these adult students in both online colleges and in the traditional classroom setting. Some of them are enrolled part-time while others carry a full class load. They may have a full-time job or they may have quit work to focus on studying full-time.

Everyone’s Reasons are Different

The reasons that adults choose to go back to school are as varied as their ages.

  • You’ll find some who wanted to go to college but didn’t have that option when they were young. For them, this is the realization of a dream. They may be the first person in their family to graduate college.
  • Other adult students have lost their jobs and need to find a new skill set for today’s work force.
  • Others are stuck in dead-end jobs with no hope of advancement or salary increases. Still others choose a college degree that was practical instead of what they really wanted to do.
  • There are also many students who want to advance in their current field or company and see an education as the way to do that.

The growth of online colleges has helped make a college degree a reality for many adults. You’ll also see many college campuses changing to cater to the growing adult student population. It proves that it’s never too late to go back to school and get the degree you’ve always wanted. Visit to find a new chance for your old dream come true!

New Resources for Finding Online Colleges

The popularity of online colleges is growing every day as more and more online programs are accredited and endorsed by established schools and more and more students realise that college online is an effective strategy to obtain a much-needed degree while still working to support themselves or remaining in their existing home if unable to travel.

The College Online Advantage

The reason more and more people are seeking advanced degrees is easily seen by the numbers:

  • A study conducted by Georgetown University concluded that by 2018 50% of all jobs will require as a minimum a Bachelor’s Degree instead of a simple High School Diploma.
  • Individuals with Bachelor’s Degrees earn an average of $12,758 more annually than workers without a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • The unemployment rate for workers who hold a Bachelor’s Degree is typically 3-4% lower than those with only an Associate’s Degree or High School Diploma.

Finding Online Colleges

One problem, until very recently, that plagued students seeking to experience college online was finding an appropriate college. While brick-and-mortar colleges and universities have endless resources both online and in print that evaluate their programs, resources, campus life, and culture, many online colleges are so new very little is known about them beyond their accreditation status and possibly their affiliation. In fact, an affiliation with an established university has largely been the decided factor for many students pursuing an online education.

Inevitably, new resources are beginning to appear to fill the information gap regarding online colleges. While many one-shot resources online exist that purport to rank and inform about online colleges, these articles are almost instantly dated and often do not offer any individual perspective or experience. Newly established sites like seek to fill that gap by offering real feedback from actual students that is constantly vetted and updated.

This sort of ‘crowd-sourced’ ranking and rating system is sure to be popular and effective for the target market of students interested in attending college online in the first place. This demographic tends to be most comfortable with Internet-based services (rather obviously) and the concept of crowd-sourced ratings and recommendations is very attractive to them. These sites also feature very simple search tools that allow prospective students to see at a glance what’s offered by an online school, their accreditation and affiliation status, and feedback from actual attendees concerning class materials, technical features, support and overall experience.

Online Colleges: Tips to Help You Survive Life as an Adult Student

Going back to college years after you graduate high school can provide a unique challenge. However, getting the degree you’ve always wanted can open up new doors in your life, so the obstacles you may face in achieving that goal are often worth it. Here are some tips to help you handle those hectic days as an adult student.

Create a Schedule

Because you’re trying to fit more activities into the same number of hours each day, your schedule may feel a bit more frenzied than usual, especially at first. To keep you from getting stressed out and help you stay organized so you don’t forget something, you need to have a schedule.

No matter how small something seems it should be written down on your schedule. Every five minutes add up and can put you behind. By writing down exactly what needs to be done and when, you can be sure you don’t forget anything important.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it is from a friend, a partner, or even your kids, helping hands can help make your life a little easier. Let someone else cook dinner once a week, run errands, or do the laundry. You may even want to consider hiring out some tasks to be done, such as yard work. Look for ways to free up more of your time for studying.

Don’t forget to factor in the time spent doing homework and completing projects. You’ll need to allow extra time besides what you spend in the classroom. Even students attending online colleges, who have more flexibility in their routine, still have to find time to study.

Take a Break

No matter how busy you get, you still need to find time to take a break and relax.

  • Spending some time away from work and study can help you feel refreshed when you go back.
  • If you have a family, make some time to spend with them.
  • If you are single, enjoy a night out with friends or even some alone time doing your favorite hobbies. This will give you the energy to keep going the rest of the time.

While online colleges offer students more options on scheduling fun time, everyone needs a break now and then whether attending virtual or traditional classes. Remember your goal and that the added stress to your schedule is only temporary, and you will get through it.

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Online Colleges: The Challenge of Going Back to School

Many adults dream of going to college and getting that degree they didn’t get when they were younger. They may have skipped college in favor of getting a job right out of high school or dropped out of college before graduating. They may even have gotten a degree but not the one they wanted. Whatever the reason, they still dream of going back to school to obtain their goal.

Challenge #1: A Busy Schedule

For many, their lives are much more hectic today than they were when they graduated high school.

  • They have full-time jobs, sometimes more than one.
  • They often have families, including kids who need their attention.
  • It can be difficult to think about fitting homework and classes into that tight schedule.

This is why online classes become such a valuable resource for studying. Many times, you can study when it fits into your schedule, even if that is in the middle of the night. Often, you can take longer than a traditional semester to complete a class or you can take one class at a time. You also don’t have to worry about commuting, which is time that can be spent on other responsibilities.

Challenge #2: Paying for School

Another issue that faces adults who want to go back to school is the ability to pay for it.

  • They often don’t qualify for the scholarships they would have right out of high school.
  • They also may not know about other scholarships and grants and often don’t have the time to spend researching.

By choosing from the many online colleges available, they can usually find a program that is affordable and fits in their budget.

Studying online also reduces some of the other expenses associated with attending college. For instance, the cost of driving to class and parking fees can add up very quickly. With online classes, there isn’t any room or board to pay since you’ll be living at home and telecommuting. These are expenses that can add up over time. You are also not limited to attending a college in your area, but can shop around for one that fits in your price range.

Going back to school as an adult can be a challenge, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges for many. Looking at online colleges gives you more options to choose from and allows you to continue living the rest of your life while getting that important degree.

Online Colleges and the End of Professors

The revolution in education that has created a plenitude of online colleges only goes ahead. Although largely driven by financial considerations as tuition costs continue to rise dramatically, shutting many poor and even middle-class students out of the traditional college experience, the college online experience is growing in reputation and desirability as new software innovations combined with growing support within colleges and universities themselves creates a workable environment for earning an accredited degree without ever physically attending a single class.

Colleges are enthusiastic about online courses for the simple reason that they are cheap to produce and conduct and thus are an easy revenue source for them. Increasingly, however, academics are worried that the ‘college online’ movement will result in the unexpected extinction of a fixture of the academic world: The tenured professor – or perhaps all professors, entirely.

Less Important in Online Colleges

Whereas when physically attending courses students often place a great deal of importance on the professor conducting classes based on their reputations, experience, and real-world achievements, there is much less focus on this when it comes to online classes. And where it does exist it tends to focus on the ‘rock star’ status of some professors conducting ‘MOOCs’ – massive online open courses. For everyday courses taken in pursuit of a degree, there is much less focus on who is planning and teaching the course.

And colleges like it that way, because it cuts costs and gives them leverage:

  • In 1969, 78% of courses were taught by tenure-track professors. In 2013 that number has dropped to 33%.
  • The bulk of courses are today taught by Adjuncts, who are basically freelancers and earn about $3000 per class.

The move to adjunct professors is exacerbated by the move to online courses, which can be taught by any qualified individual.

Virtual Educators and College Online

Another concern is that even the ‘rock star’ professors that people will pay extra to learn from may find themselves teaching from beyond the grave. As online colleges are already reliant upon pre-recorded materials and lectures, the expectation is that someday a famed professor with excellent course materials may simply be continuously sold to new students, with no need to find a replacement professor unless significant changes and breakthroughs in the field make the existing course material useless or deprecated.

While the end of professors may be considered to be a melodramatic concept or perhaps even nothing of much concern, it does herald an upheaval in how we educate and learn – and therefore cannot be ignored.

Enrolment in Private Colleges Declines as Online Colleges Rise

History does not stand still: We’re all living in history whether we realise it or not, and the times are always changing whether there are songs on the radio telling us so or not. The endless change in society can be worrying for the older generations, used to the old ways, and exciting to the younger generation always looking for new things, but in the end the only constant in the universe is, in fact, change.

One aspect of the world currently learning this lesson are old-fashioned brick-and-mortar private colleges, which are suffering through a lengthy and seemingly permanent decline in enrolment as online colleges rise in popularity and gain credence – and accreditation.

The Cheaper College Online

The numbers are staggering:

  1. A recent study predicted that 30% of all private colleges will close by 2023.
  2. Enrolment of freshman students declined more than 10% from 2010 through 2012.
  3. The cost of traditional college is immense – and growing. Room, board, Costs have risen 42% in recent years.

In a world where $23,500 often represents a person’s entire income, this is increasingly placing college out of reach for many prospective students. And increasingly they are turning to the more affordable college online strategy to attain the much-needed degree.

Online Colleges: More Affordable

College online is more affordable in many ways:

  1. Lower tuition in general; most online colleges tuition stands below $10,000 – often significantly below.
  2. No associated room and board costs.
  3. No transportation costs.
  4. Frequently lower or non-existent materials cost (free software and course materials)

Private colleges are fighting back, but the effectiveness of their efforts remains to be seen. Some colleges are expanding their graduate programs to bring in more revenue from older students who are more comfortable with a physical experience. Some are offering scholarships simply for considering the college; for example, Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama now offers a $1,000 scholarship simply for touring the campus; the cost of a 4-year program at Spring Hill is currently $170,000.

However, as the old equation pitting the cost of a degree against the higher earnings of college graduates returns smaller and smaller numbers, the expectation is that private colleges will have to drop tuition costs to compete with online colleges or simply fade away. How many are left after a few decades will depend greatly on how effectively they can recreate themselves.

Human Services Courses: Distinctively Meeting Community Needs

Defined as an unique interdisciplinary approach that vises an objective of addressing human needs through a comprehensive knowledge base, while focusing on both proactive mitigation and responsive remediation of problems, in addition to its aim to ameliorate the general quality of human lives, Human Services is one of the most rapidly developing (both in popularity and in terms of the need of its application) social science disciplines.

Human services courses envisage education in terms of inter-personal intelligence, social engineering, applied psychology and psychoanalytic techniques, family welfare, critical thinking, decision-making and so forth. Some of the coursework may include fundamental subjects such as: introduction to anthropology, introduction to sociology, principles of communication, perspectives in human biology, introduction to psychology: developmental, social and clinical psychology, introduction to human health and services, contemporary approaches to human services, foundation for inter-personal practice, national social policy et cetera.

In addition, human services courses also strive to imbue in the aspiring students the ability to federate the different facets of various social dynamics, this is achieved through a comprehensive hands-on exposure to real world conditions and scenarios in the form of internships and professional trainings. This enables the graduates to develop the necessary set of skills as are desired by prospective employers.

Since, a large part of the task domain of a human service professional is to rapidly process a large amount of data, often at rapid pace, the human services courses are designed so as to train the individuals how to assimilate real-time information and how to make logical, rational and intuitive decisions that are often required in the field work. For instance, in cases where a probation officer visits his or her subject, the officer is expected to have a glance at the living conditions of the subject, the general temperament of the subject (such as whether or not he or she is telling the truth about the questions being asked in regards to the terms of his or her probation) and decide, often in a fraction of a moment, whether or not the subject is been forthright and take a course of action accordingly.

Advanced human services course may include the study of subjects such as: human development and social work, engagement and reflection in fieldwork, work dynamics in human services organizations, identity and difference in social work practices, research work in social work and practices, practice courses in mental health, social work practice with disability, psychopathology, cognitive neuroscience amongst several others. The aim of such advanced level courses is to furnish keen insights into the socio-economic, cultural and traditional, and gender based issues that human services practitioner is expected to meet in his or her daily routine.

Human services courses provide the graduates devices for the fast changing subtleties of the human service industry, which is becoming more and more intricate with the immense research being carried out not only in the field itself but in complementary fields such as psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Study Skills – A Good Place To Study

Any ole spot will do when the time it now, time to study, isn’t that so? Wrong, there are a few places that are much preferred to attempt and study over others. So what makes them great or awful? How does an understudy know whether they are in the right place or with the right individuals? That is the whole center of this article, to address the do’s and don’ts of study places and gatherings. Perused on to check whether your study spot is the best one conceivable! In the event that your evaluations are short of what you would like you may need to change your considering courses of action.

Best Place To Study

There is not one privilege or one wrong answer regarding the matter of diverse understudies. Everybody has diverse safe places and one spot may not work for another person. This is not an one size fits all circumstance. Despite the fact that the spot and particulars of the study spot will change from individual to individual there are a few shared characteristics of a decent study place. It is exceptionally hard to study, do homework or concentrate where there is a great deal of clamor or preoccupations. Presently for some music is empowering and for others it must be finished hush. Much of the time a light music out of sight may really get the inventive juices streaming. This relies on upon the individual and must be explored different avenues regarding to get the right mix.

On the off chance that conceivable the most agreeable spot to study is regularly in the home of the understudy. Off and on again this is not helpful for a beneficial study session on account of others in the house, clamor and also different preoccupations. In the event that the home study environment is craved it might be a smart thought to discover a period when others are not home or during the evening when everybody is sleeping and very! An at home study session likewise permits the understudy to have a solid nibble available. It is suggested that a nibble be close in light of the fact that it really helps the mulling over procedure. Encouraging the cerebrum a wellbeing nibble is never a terrible decision.

Issues, for example, lighting, temperature, and agreeable ought to dependably be tended to take advantage of a study session. Any of the said issues can result in an understudy to be occupied and even detract from the data that they are dealing with. At the point when an understudy is excessively hot, they may get to be irritated and lose enthusiasm for mulling over. Then again if the house or study territory is excessively icy the understudy may lose fixation in light of the fact that they are icy. Keep the temperature at an agreeable level to build execution and capacity. Lighting is additionally essential. Despicable lighting can result in the understudy to strain to see the words or read. This thusly can result in a migraine or neck strain prompting a poor study session. Light is additionally connected with temperament, so verify that the study zone is well light! Solace is similarly critical and understudies ought to attempt and discover a deskchair mix that is agreeable. It is tricky to stay in a seat when a back, neck or legs are hurting on the grounds that the seating is uncomfortable.

Most noticeably awful Place To Study

Wherever that causes a diversion is the most noticeably awful place to study. A portion of the most noticeably awful refered to are restaurants, clothing mats, business locales or anyplace that there are heaps of individuals or exchanges occurring. Restaurants are uproarious have incessant upheavals of giggling or a youngsters crying, leaving the understudy not able to think. The workplace setting is not a decent one in light of the fact that the understudy is frequently hindered with an approaching client, demand for administration or different obligations of the employment. Regardless of the fact that the understudy is not specifically included their consideration still spotlights on what ever is going ahead around them. Indeed the foundation clamor of an alternate discussion or telephone ringing can result in data to be taken in or transformed mistakenly. It is just not justified regardless of the danger and understudies ought to strive for a place that is very and free of diversions to study.

Sadly, at times study gatherings are not the best thought when mulling over either. The more individuals that are in the gathering the more preoccupations, stories and different subtle elements disconnected to the theme nearby. While study gatherings can be greatly successful they can likewise cause an obstacle to an individual expecting to study. It ought to be made clear to the whole study gather that the test is the point and all standardizing can transpire before or after the study session. On the off chance that the gathering is not working out for you then just reason yourself and discover an alternate spot to study. After all your evaluation is riding on concentrating on and it is vital that you take each precautionary measure to guarantee a decent evaluation and graduation.