Why Ask The Professor?

I might want to touch on a subject most understudies likely never consider, specifically, the considerable significance of making inquiries to your teacher. Ask! Never let this three letter word vanish from your life, dependably make certain to ask if all else fails. This will in all likelihood demonstrate to turn into one of your […]

Writing Help: Tips on How to Build Good Writing Skills for the ADHD Student

Although college can certainly be exciting and interesting, there are many times when it is difficult to pay attention and get homework done on time. If you have ADHD, this might be a constant concern. Most, if not all, classes will have some type of essay assignment throughout the year. For students with ADHD, the task of sitting down and spending hours researching and constructing an essay can seem almost impossible. Fortunately, there is assignment help available to give you the tools you need to succeed.

Homework help online is typically geared to everyday assignment problems. Most people do not offer help specifically for ADHD. Not only do people with ADHD find it hard to concentrate on the task at hand, but they might have problems organizing their thoughts and putting them down on paper. Many students with ADHD feel overwhelmed by all of the work required to write an essay – many find it overwhelming to just pick a topic. Here are some writing help tips to try to make this task a little bit easier:

Start early, and start slowly.

Each night, spend around twenty minutes writing a paragraph. You can summarize something you learned in class, keep a journal, write about the news – anything to get you writing. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the better you will get. Eventually you might find that you fill a page easily.

Develop a note system.

Find a system that works for you to help you keep notes. Some people use post-its, others note cards, and some highlight and write in books. You can even keep a small notepad with you. Just jot down interesting ideas, facts, and other things you learn that you think could be useful for your writing.

Find an interesting topic.

You need to find a topic that is narrow enough to contain in a single essay, but broad enough that there is sufficient information to complete an essay. You should also select topics that interest you, so you will have an easier time researching and writing. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and think of topics – anytime you come across an interesting topic just jot it down in your note system. When you have a good list of topics, you can go through, review, and eliminate them until there is only one left.

Finally you are ready to write your paper. Get everything you need together in one quiet place. Break up your paper into manageable tasks, and take breaks between each one. Start early so you have plenty of time to get finished. As usual, always remember to proofread!

Academic Writing in High School vs. College: What’s the Difference?

It’s not uncommon for the transition from high school to college to leave students’ heads spinning. Suddenly there is a huge array of new and exciting experiences everywhere, but keeping up with college’s tougher academic demands can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Here are some key differences between high school and college writing to help first-year students make a successful switch to the stricter academic environment.

Persuasive Writing

A key difference between high school and college is that students are suddenly required to make clear and persuasive arguments in their writing and support these claims with facts and other information.

Professors are looking for:

  • A thesis statement that is interesting and makes them want to know more
  • Well-chosen evidence that supports the claim
  • Insightful understanding of inherent limits to your claim or potential objections that readers may present

Using argument effectively in writing isn’t the same thing as fighting with your girlfriend or boyfriend; college-level essay writing demonstrates mastery of a subject. A good persuasive essay displays an amiable means of expression of opinion and answering to opposing views.

Understanding Expectations

Successful writing at the college level often requires that students have a firm grasp on their professors’ expectations. This is where some students run into trouble. Sometimes teachers aren’t entirely clear about their expectations – this may be intentional or unintentional. Professors have different standards: some want students to stick strictly to the specific instructions for writing an essay while others are looking for students to express their creativity by expounding on a more fluid topic.

The key to success may just be employing an essay writing service to help bridge the gap of uncertainty regarding professors’ expectations. Professional writers are experienced in writing papers that conform to the complex lists of requirements presented by different professors in today’s changing academic field. Professional essay writers know how to look beyond what the professors say in the assignment guidelines to help understand how to approach each unique assignment for the best possible grade.

Here are things to look for when trying to determine what your teacher really wants:

  • “Discuss” – does the professor want you to start with opposing ideas and weigh the two viewpoints?
  • “Compare and contrast” – does your teacher want you to explore the way two ideas are similar and dissimilar?
  • “Analyze” – sometimes assignments that ask you to “analyze” a particular idea or theme in reference to a specific work are the most fluid and left up to interpretation; is this what your prof is looking for?

Using the key buzzwords above and others like them helps professional writers tackle any custom writing assignment that you can throw at them. If you’re lost with regard to all the specific requirements for good college essay writing, it may be time to consider whether professional writing services may help make a difference in your academic life.

Assignment Help: Tips for How to Write an Excellent Essay

College life is full of new experiences and memorable activities. However, it is also filled with academics! For many students, having an essay assigned is one of the worst parts of college life. Whether you simply do not want to take the time to do it, or do not feel you have good writing skills, essays can be a lot of work.

There are many ways to get assignment help, such as hiring a tutor or going to see your professor after class. However, you can also follow these tips if you need essay help:

  • Get everything together. Make sure you have your assignment in front of you, and you have thoroughly read the instructions. Once you are sure you understand all of your requirements, get together your resources and writing utensils. Make sure you are in a comfortable area that is conducive to getting work done.
  • Gather your thoughts. Now you will need to begin to organize your paper. Jot down a simple summary for your essay. Next, go back and expand on your summary. For each point you made in your summary, put bullet points with more information and resources to refer to. Put the evidence you are going to use, as well as any personal thoughts or links. If you are typing this, you can move things around easily to make sure your essay flows smoothly.
  • Draft an introduction. Think of the main idea you are going to write about, and write an opening sentence or two. This sentence should be very general, and give readers the gist of your paper as well as a reason to keep reading. Your thesis statement should be clear and concise.
  • Include back up details. These details should provide evidence for, and strengthen your thesis.
  • Write your first draft. This is a more put together version of what you have so far. Simply transfer your summary and introduction over, make sure there are complete sentences that flow nicely, and that everything you wish to include is there.
  • Proofread. Go through your draft and make sure you correct any mistakes or typos. Your essay should be easy to read and make sense from one point to the next. Correct any badly written or clumsy sentences, and verify that you have included all relevant information. Preferably you would have a second person proofread your paper as well.

That’s it! You have a paper! Now all you have to do is turn it in. Next time you get an assignment, writing will come to you much more easily!

Improve you academic writing by mastering MLA format

It is often revealed to us how many key writing skills students just don’t understand when they contact us for information on how a professional writing service can help improve their academic careers. Fortunately, our team of pros is selected after an exhaustive process that guarantees the best possible services for our clients.

Here’s a quick primer on MLA citation format from one of our professional academic writers.

What is MLA Format?

What format the essay is required to be written should be one of the first things that a writer needs to ask when working on an academic assignment. This is one of the first points on which your professors will evaluate your work, and getting a solid grade means knowing the format and following it to the letter. The format sets forth a series of metrics by which the paper will be judged. They include:

  • Paragraph spacing
  • Margins
  • Citation style
  • Paper structure
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Page numbering
  • And much more

MLA format is the specific set of structural and layout considerations set forth by the Modern Language Association (MLA).

Why MLA Format?

Most American college students need to know MLA format because it’s often required for academic writing at the university level. When writing a research paper or other essays, MLA format requires margins of one inch on all sides of the document, double spacing, and specific placement of the names of the course, professor, and student.

When professors are forced to read and review many essays, it becomes important that all the students follow specific academic writing requirements such as uniform formatting. Imagine how overwhelming it must be to grade hundreds of papers. This is why it’s vital that students conform to formatting requirements.

Proper formatting helps ensure:

  • Proper formatting helps ensure:
  • Better grades for the student
  • Better legibility for professors during grading
  • More aesthetically pleasing documents
  • A strong first impression
  • Organizational skills
  • Mastery of vital writing requirements

The MLA Works Cited Page

One of the most important aspects of academic writing using MLA format is the works cited page. This is the record of all the sources referenced in the written assignment. Professional writers know how to include perfectly formatted Works Cited pages into all their custom writing assignments.

Using MLA

If you’re uncertain about where to begin with your MLA format academic paper, you may benefit from using a quality professional academic writing service on your upcoming academic projects to help you get the best academic results. Don’t be afraid to bring in the pros from a writing service to get you quality results at an affordable price and without stress.

Finding Writing Assignment Help Online can be Great if You Follow These Tips

These days, college kids have a lot of benefits, as well as many disadvantages, when compared to students of the past. On the one hand, students have to deal with increasing responsibilities, more expensive tuition, harder programs, and a more competitive job market with less opportunities for making a livable wage. However, students today have the benefit of technology when it comes to schoolwork. People in past generations had to do math calculations by hand, whereas we have calculators. They had to spend hours researching topics in the library, where now a few clicks on the Internet can get you all of the information you need. There are many websites that will automatically create a bibliography for you just based on your book’s ISBN number. Additionally, students today have access to homework help online – specifically, essay writing help.

Many students are working multiple jobs, have many extracurricular activities, social events, and some even have families. It is easy enough to say “just drop these things and focus on school, it is more important!” However, in today’s competitive world, extracurriculars, social events, and volunteer work can make or break a student’s entry into grad school and sometimes the job market. Multiple jobs might be the only way to afford school, and children and spouses cannot be ignored. This sometimes puts homework assignments on the back burner. Fortunately, if you need occasional assignment help due to a schedule overload, or maybe you just aren’t very skilled in that area, you can go online for assistance.

There are many companies online that can offer essay writing help. An essay can be anything from a book report, lab report, research paper, or even dissertation. While these services do come at a fee, they are usually worth the cost. Professional writers will write your paper specifically for you. You are sure to get an A+ if you use an online essay writing service.

As with any product or service, there are some things you can do to make sure you are choosing the right esay writing company:

  • Cost – most places will charge an amount based on how long your paper is, how far away the deadline is, and the academic level the paper is being written for. However you might be able to find a company that is offering a promotion of some sort to lower your cost.
  • Reliability – you want a company that will write for you. This means they follow your instructions, and include all necessary details such as graphs, charts, and detailed analyses.
  • Communication – it is important that you are able to communicate with your writer throughout the entire process. You need the peace of mind of always knowing the status of your paper, as well as having the ability to suggest changes or additions before its too late.
  • The company you choose should have a customer service center that is open 24/7. Many students wait until the last minute and then decide they cannot complete the assignment. Therefore, a company that is open at 2am to address these last minute concerns, as well as answer any questions and fix any mistakes, is best.

Improve Academic Writing with a Good Thesis Statement

The persuasive essay presents a unique challenge if you’re a college student struggling with writing. For the first time in your academic career, you may be required to show your mastery of a concept by coming up with a strongly worded thesis statement and then defending it with facts and backup material to prove your point. If this type of academic essay gives you the cold sweats, here’s a quick review of the power of a solid thesis statement.

When writing an essay like this, using logic to cleanly and clearly express your point of view makes for a powerful paper. This is a traditional format of academic writing that will become very familiar during most students’ college careers. If you’re lost with regard to thesis statements and aren’t sure where to begin, let’s start by clearly defining what a thesis statement is so that you can use one effectively in your upcoming essay.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Your thesis statement is a sentence that presents your argument to the audience. In this case, your audience is your professor and anyone else reading your essay. Use the rest of your paper (the body of your essay) to defend your thesis and support your statement with facts and other information.

The goals are to:

  • Engage the reader with an interesting thesis
  • Select a thesis that can be either proven or disproven using facts and supporting information
  • Present a persuasive argument
  • Persuade readers to ascribe to your school of thought

Evaluating Your Thesis Statement and Your Essay

When crafting a persuasive essay, you should be sure that your essay answers the question reflected in your thesis statement. This type of academic writing requires specificity and should create feelings of either identification or opposition from the reader. When you read your first draft, be sure you consider these points and evaluate whether or not your thesis statement and the body of your essay clearly convince the reader to your point.

Is Your Thesis Statement Persuasive?

Sometimes the best way to be sure that you’ve selected a good thesis statement on which you can base the rest of your assignment is to get a neutral party’s opinion. You may want to enlist your roommate or a trusted classmate and ask him or her to evaluate your thesis statement before you set out writing the rest of your essay. There’s no sense in moving forward with a weak thesis statement. That’s why this is a good point in your process to invite a friend to help you assess whether you are laying the bricks of your academic writing on a weak thesis statement foundation.

How to apply to an online college stress free

Applying to an online college can seem overwhelming, but it is no different than applying to brick and mortar schools. Once you understand the steps you need to take and why, the process becomes easy – lengthy, but easy! Here are the steps you need to take in order to apply to an online college and get started on your future.

1. Make a Checklist

You will need to make a list of the colleges you would like to apply to, and their deadlines. Go to each college’s website and find the admission requirements. Make sure you have all of the forms you need as well as any transcripts, reference letters, or other required documents. Make a checklist for each school, and order them by deadline so you get the soonest deadline done first.

2. Mail your Application

Filling out your application should be rather straightforward. They usually just ask personal questions about yourself as well as your academic history and intended major. Sometimes you will need to write an essay (or multiple essays), which will take a little bit of work. Once you are finished, collect everything together and mail them to your school (or apply online).

3. Apply for financial aid at online colleges too

Although going to school at an online college will likely be cheaper than at a traditional school, advanced education is still expensive. You will likely want to apply for financial aid. Check your school’s website to find out if they have their own financial aid form for you to fill out. Additionally, you will need to fill out the FAFSA – which is the government’s universal form for financial aid. You will need to fill out the FAFSA regardless of whether or not your school has their own form. You will need to know some basic financial information about yourself and potentially your parents, as well as your school’s FAFSA code, which can be found online.

4. Request test scores and transcripts

You will need to contact any school you were enrolled in in the past and ask for a transcript to be sent to your new school. Some schools offer this service for free, but others charge a small fee. Additionally, if you took the SAT, ACT, GRE, or other college admission test, you will need to have your scores forwarded. If you took a dual credit or AP course in high school, you will need to go to the college to get a transcript or forward your AP test scores.

Now you just have to sit back and wait to see if you’re accepted! It is always a good idea to apply to a few good schools and one “back up” so that you have somewhere to go if you do not get in to your preferred school. Now that you’ve taken these steps you are on your way to a brighter future!

Things you need to consider to choose your right online degree

Finding a good school to go to is difficult for any student. You have to consider location, degrees and majors offered, cost, reputation, and other details that concern you. Finding online college degrees is just as difficult as finding a program at a brick and mortar school, but there are some benefits. Many times online college degrees are cheaper, can be done quicker, and have the same quality as a traditional degree program. Here are some tips to use in order to find the best program for your needs.

Importance of Accreditation

When looking at online college degrees, it is very important to find a program that is accredited. Accreditation ensures your program follows the same standards and regulations as other programs, and is important for many reasons. First, if you ever find yourself needing to transfer, or wish to go on to graduate school, accreditation is a requirement. Your credits will not count for transfer if they come from an unaccredited school. Secondly, many employers will not hire you if your degree comes form an unaccredited school. Finally, if your profession requires a professional license of some sort, you will not be able to obtain it unless your program is accredited. There are multiple accreditation agencies to look out for, and the specifics depend on your state and your intended career.

Choose your major wisely

You will need to make a decision on the type of degree you wish to have (associates, bachelors, masters, doctorate, or certificate), as well as the type of program you are interested in (psychology, computer science, etc). Although there are hundreds of majors represented online, not everything will be available. Sometimes a major is available online but has the requirement that some classes will need to be taken in person, such as certain labs. It is best to figure out these details beforehand, so that it doesn’t sneak up on you and cause you to be unable to finish your degree.


You will want to research your online college in order to find out its reputation. You will want to attend a rigorous and high quality program. Think Harvard versus a community college – quality matters. You will want to research the professors, graduation rate, reviews, complaints, and the value you will be getting for your money.

Now you are well on your way to obtaining the advanced degree you’ve always wanted. This is a great way to advance your career and increase your earnings. Now all you need to do is apply, pass your classes, and graduate!

Avoid Diploma Mills on the Way to the Online College Degree

Someday working people realize they should go back to school to get better career chances. That means not only better wages but also more options available for switching jobs or gaining promotions. Online college degrees can save you time and money, and allow many people to get a degree who would have been unable to if they had to depend on traditional college environments. In order not to waste your time and money on an online college degrees , you should make sure you are not attending a diploma mill.

Purchasing a Degree

Diploma mills literally sell you a degree. That’s so simple: pay for a degree and get one without having to take classes or do homework. By some institutions you can even pay for transcripts or graduation certificates. Sounds great, but the degree you will obtain won’t be accepted for a job, and will not be accepted if your profession requires any type of licensure or accreditation. They are an expensive waste of time.

What do they say to the students?

Quite often you can hear that they are giving degrees based on your life experience, or based on academic standards that are well below that of legitimate universities. Even if you get a degree it will not help you when nobody will accept it. There are many legitimate online college degrees that are quicker and cheaper than brick and mortar schools.

Diploma Mill is useless when not illegal

Least, but not last, for many people, purchasing a degree from a diploma mill is a morally wrong decision. When people invest lots of time and efforts in earning their degrees, using a diploma mill is a way to try (although typically unsuccessfully) cheat the system. Even if your work experience alone would have qualified you for a job, many employers will turn you down due to a diploma mill degree. In many states, it is illegal to attempt to apply for a job using a diploma mill degree.

Use our recommendations to choose a reputable online college:

  • 1. Get information from accreditation websites. The online university should be accredited by a legitimate accreditation agency. And this will be listed on the university website, as well as the accreditation agency website
  • 2. Do a search for your school and read reviews and complaints
  • 3. Check whether the syllabi compare them to syllabi at other schools
  • 4. Make sure the degree requirements match what is typically expected for other similar programs

Should you be attentive and consistent in your search, you can be sure to find online college degrees that are reputable, legitimate, and will help you get farther in your career.